MVAPICH2 2.0 Source Code, Quick Start Guide and User Guide

  • The MVAPICH2 package is distributed under the BSD License.
  • OSU MVAPICH2 2.0 (06/20/14) (integrated tarball with MPICH-3.1).
  • MVAPICH2 Quick Start Guide: A short document with the necessary information for users to download, install, and use MVAPICH2. (HTML, PDF)
  • MVAPICH2 User Guide: A detailed user guide with instructions to build, install MVAPICH2 and execute MPI programs is available. This document also contains guidelines for troubleshooting and performance tuning. (HTML, PDF)

MVAPICH2 Anonymous SVN Access

MVAPICH2 is available for download through a public SVN.
  • To view the latest MVAPICH2 source code:
  • There are three directories trunk, tags and branches in the MVAPICH2 SVN repository. Please keep in mind the following guidelines before deciding which version of MVAPICH2 to download:
    • If you want a STABLE version, please use the release tarball (following the link given in the above section). You may also use the "2.0" tag from the tags directory. However, there will be no updates to this tags directory.
    • If you want a STABLE version with all the latest bug fixes, please use the "2.0" branch from the branches directory. Please be aware that while the branches directory contains bug fixes, it will not have any new features, and as such is used for maintenance purposes.
    • If you want to try out the latest features and enhancements contributed by MVAPICH2 developers, you are welcome to use the trunk directory. However, be advised that the code may be unstable.
  • In order to check out the current MVAPICH2 head from the SVN, you need to have SVN installed on your machine. Please execute the following commands (based on which version you want to use, as indicated above):
    • To check out a tagged version:
      • svn co mvapich2
    • To check out a release branch (containing bug fixes):
      • svn co mvapich2
    • To check out the latest trunk (with latest features):
      • svn co mvapich2
  • The directory mvapich2 under your current directory contains MVAPICH2.

MVAPICH2-X 2.0 Package and User Guide

  • The MVAPICH2-X package is distributed under the BSD License.
  • OSU MVAPICH2-X 2.0 (06/20/14).
  • As as initial technology preview, we are providing RHEL6 and RHEL5 RPMs. These RPMs contain the MVAPICH2-X software on the corresponding distro.
  • MVAPICH2-X User Guide: A detailed user guide with instructions to install MVAPICH2-X and execute MPI/UPC/OpenSHMEM/Hybrid programs is available. (HTML, PDF)
  • Please email us at if your distro does not appear on the list or if you experience any trouble installing the package on your system.

MVAPICH2-GDR 2.0 Package

Web Downloads: 200156

SVN Downloads: 22723