Overview of the OSU INAM Project

As InfiniBand (IB) based High Performance Computing (HPC) installations grow in size and scale, predicting the behavior of the IB network in terms of link usage and performance becomes an increasingly challenging task. Further, as the computing, and networking technologies continue to evolve in HPC platforms, it becomes increasingly essential to understand the interactions between high-performance HPC middleware infrastructures and the high performance communication fabric which they rely on. The OSU InfiniBand Network Analysis and Monitoring tool - OSU INAM monitors IB clusters in real-time by querying various subnet management entities in the network. It is also capable of interacting with the MVAPICH2-X software stack to gain insights into the communication pattern of the application and classify the data transferred into Point-to-Point, Collective and Remote Memory Access (RMA). OSU INAM can also remotely monitor the CPU utilization of MPI processes in conjunction with MVAPICH2-X.


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Community Engagement and Dissemination

Visualizing your HPC jobs using OSU INAM

Documents and Downloads

OSU InfiniBand Network Analysis and Monitoring (OSU INAM) Tool v0.9.6 (06/08/20) is available on our download page here.

OSU INAM Features and Visualization Capabilities

Database Size Calculator

OSU INAM collects various metrics from the communication fabric as well as high performance MPI libraries like MVAPICH2-X to enable live and historical representation of information to the users. This ''database calculator'' is intended to show the approximate impact this data collection has on the size of the database and the parameters that can be used to limit the size of the database to user desired values.

INAM configuration