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MVAPICH2-GDR | Overview | Network-Based Computing Laboratory


MVAPICH2-GDR, based on the standard MVAPICH2 software stack, incorporates designs that take advantage of the new GPUDirect RDMA technology for inter-node data movement on NVIDIA GPUs clusters with Mellanox InfiniBand interconnect. GPUDirect RDMA completely by-passes the host memory, providing low-latency and completely offloaded communication between NVIDIA GPUs on a cluster. MVAPICH2-GDR reaps the benefits of this new fast communication path while offering hybrid designs that help work around peer-to-peer bandwidth bottlenecks seen on modern node architectures. It provides significantly improved performance for small and medium messages while achieving close to peak network bandwidth for large messages.

MVAPICH2-GDR also inherits all the features for communication on NVIDIA GPU clusters that are available in the MVAPICH2 software stack. A complete list of these features can be found here.